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Below is a sample of leading reports on issues related to biomass thermal energy. Note: BTEC involvement in the development or publication of these reports is report-specific.

Biomass for Cooling System Technologies: A Feasibility Guide

Produced By: Agricultural Utilization Research Institute

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Bioenergy Works: A Vital Contribution to a Low Carbon Future

Produced By: see publication


An Analysis of the Effects of a 30% Credit on the Expected
Demand for High Efficiency Wood Pellet, Wood Chip, and
Agricultural Residue Fueled Boilers: The Cost/Benefit to
the Treasury, and the Jobs Created

Produced By: Futuremetrics

Article How to Cure Maine’s Addiction to Heating Oil: A roadmap to avoiding economic disaster in Maine and the other regional states

Produced By: Futuremetrics

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Export Initiative

Produced By: U.S. Department of Commerce - TPCC Working Group on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Biomass Heating in Upper Austria - Green Energy, Green Jobs

Produced By: O.O. Energiesparverband

A National Wood-to-Energy Roadmap - 25x'25 Consensus Recommendations

Produced By: 25x'25

The Missing Piece in Climate Policy:
Renewable Heating and Cooling in Germany and the U.S.

Produced By: Heinrich Böll Foundation

Renewables for Heating and Cooling

Produced By: International Energy Association

2009 Outlook Forum - Wood-based Bioenergy: Implications for Federal and State Policies

Produced By: Pinchot Institute

A Strategy for Increasing the Use of Woody Biomass for Energy

Produced By: National Association of State Foresters

Northern Forest Biomass Energy Action Plan

Produced By: Biomass Energy Research Council (BERC)

Going Green for Less:
Cost-Effective Alternative Energy Sources

Produced By: C.D. Howe Institute

Biomass heating: a practical guide for potential users

Produced By:
Carbon Trust
Sector Review Biomass sector review for the Carbon Trust

Produced By: Carbon Trust

Bioenergy and Greenhouse Gases

Produced By: Pacific Institute

Biomass Energy and Competition for Land

Produced By: MIT Joint Program

Community-Based Bioenergy and District Heating

Benefits, Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations for Woody Biomass

Produced By: Dovetail Partners, Inc.

25x'25 Action Plan: Charting America's Energy Future

Produced By: 25x'25

Estimating U.S. Government Subsidies to Energy Sources: 2002-2008

Produced By: Environmental Law Institute

A Revenue Positive Economic Stimulus Strategy for Northeast

Produced By: Dr. William Strauss, FutureMetrics


An Analysis of the Expected Demand for Wood Pellet Fueled Residential Boilers

Produced By: Dr. William Strauss, FutureMetrics


An Analysis of Expected Demand for Wood Pellet and Wood Chip Fueled Commercial and Industrial Boilers

Produced By: Dr. William Strauss, FutureMetrics


What Maine "Energy" Dealers Should Know about Wood Pellet Fuels

Produced By: Dr. William Strauss, FutureMetrics


Wood2Energy - A State of Science and Technology Report

Produced By: University of Tennessee,




New England Wood Pellet



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