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Membership in BTEC is a must for those in the business of using biomass for heat or CHP (Combined Heat and Power).  Landowners, fuel producers, equipment manufacturers, project developers—all have a place in BTEC. The top four reasons you should join are:

1. BTEC is your strong advocate in Washington
As federal energy and tax policies develop, it is essential that biomass be part of the discussion. Our staff and government affairs representative give our members a voice in these discussions with guidance from our member-led Policy and Government Affairs Committee Learn more about our legislative initiatives >>

2. BTEC leads technical and regulatory advances in the industry
Keeping up to date on regulations and standards that may affect your business can be a full-time job. Our Technical Engagement Manager keeps you informed on and engaged, and you can shape industry codes and standards by joining our member-led Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee. Learn more about our technical programs >>

3. BTEC is your platform to connect with industry leaders
BTEC members include landowners, biomass fuel producers, appliance manufacturers, distributors, supply-chain companies, and non-profit organizations. Membership is the easiest way to stay connected to the companies and interests outside of your traditional markets.

BTEC also actively hosts and supports regional affiliates >>, including the Northeast Biomass Thermal Working Group, Heating the Midwest, and the Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Association.

4. BTEC educates consumers, policymakers, and the public
BTEC’s website and member newsletter are your go-to places for the latest industry news and information. Our member-led Strategic Communications Working Group is also working to compile materials to help you build demand for your products and tout the benefits of biomass thermal for local communities. Visit our resource center >>

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